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My First Craft Show Was a Bust

Late Friday evening my partners and I set up our pop-up tents in our space for the “Kermit Celebration Days” festival.  I joined with several members of my church who were also selling their crafts.  An elderly man was selling beautifully crafted wind-chimes, two ladies were selling embroidery and sewn items, and I was selling many of my crafts that I’ve featured on this blog before.  We set up excitedly with big hopes of selling our crafts, not expected to get rich but in some way receive (financial) validation for the crafts we take such pride in.  By 7:45 the next morning we were all set up and ready to peddle our wares.

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How I Set Prices For My Woodworking Business.

While working on a post about a project I’m finishing up, I managed to wonder off onto the rabbit trail of pricing.  I had to come up with my own system since there isn’t much online.   After some debate, I managed to come up with a “formula” for setting prices.  Using a formula isn’t a perfect solution, but it’s the best I have for now.  I think it’s also important to note that it’s not set in stone, I actually built some flexibility into it so that I can keep my income managed and working for me.

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Rustic Texas and Western Wall Art

Available for $38 each. plus shipping.

These framed pieces are made from pine, salvaged tin, and silhouettes cut from different types of plywood for different looks.  I make many different designs and these make great gifts.

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