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My wife and I thought a live-in remodel would be a good idea…Then two more babies came into our lives and things got chaotic for awhile. Our house is full of half-completed projects because of…life. As the saying goes, “the cobbler’s kids have no shoes.” Or, as my wife likes to say, “the carpenter’s wife has no cabinets.”

One of these half-done projects was a built in bookcase that serves as a divider for the entryway and living room. It’s the best place for the kid’s toys but, because it was half-done, there was no backing to the shelves. And because the bookcase was open on both sides, toys would get pushed through. My wife would be frustrated trying to wade through the toys to answer the door. My young children would get frustrated because toys they were trying to get out or put away would fall off the other side of the shelf. I finally decided to do something about it. I pulled off the old trim, dressed it up with a nice headboard wainscoting for backing, and trimmed it out. Not only does it look 10 times better, it’s much more functional. The kids have an easier time picking up (and don’t fight it as much, hallelujah!), we’re able to fit more on it because we’re no longer worried about toys falling off the other side, and my wife can (usually) get to the front door without issue.

This is just one type of home improvement project. The other side is home maintenance and repairs. Delayed home improvements and repairs will cost a lot more in the future. Is it time to replace that leaky door? Do the closets need a make over? Damaged cabinet doors? Those “what if” ideas that would make your home amazing.

Whether it is fixing what bugs you, repairing what is broken, or improving your home’s value, contact Dailey Woodworks today and we will work with you on your next home improvement project

Here are a couple blog posts I’ve done on home improvement and remodel projects!

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