DIY Dog Kennel Plans

Purchase our easy-to-follow DIY dog kennel plans to build a beautiful piece of dog furniture for your home.

Man’s best friend deserves the best. They deserve better than an ugly wire dog crate. Wooden Custom Dog Kennels are beautiful and add style to your home. 

Fluffy will no longer have to endure sleeping in an ugly metal cage. Upgrade Fluffy to a wooden palace that can serve as a prime piece in your home rather than hidden (poorly) in the corner. 

And what better way to to show your love for your dog than to make it yourself! Not to mention SAVING HUNDREDS by using our easy to follow plans. 

Our plans are for a Medium Size Double Dog Kennel. You can easily adjust the dimensions up or down for larger or smaller dogs. 

This kennel measures 73 1/2 inches long by 24 1/2 inches wide by 26 1/2 inches tall (73 1/2“L x 24 1/2″W x 26 1/2″T). Add 3 inches for removable feet.

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Pre-Made Custom Wood Dog Kennels

Don’t want to build one yourself? No worries, we’ve got you covered.

We provide nation-wide shipping for custom wood dog kennels through our eCommerce shop at

DIY Dog Crate Plans

Click the button below to buy yours today, and watch my accompanying YouTube video to watch me build one myself!

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