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A Comparasion: Savage 111 vs Remington 770

Remington 770 front, Savage 111 rear

You read a lot of opinions on rifles on the internet from people who probably have never shot the guns they are bashing.

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30-06 Kazeshini (Poor Man’s Custom Rifle part 2)

Finished Camo Job

Yes I named my rifle.  Kazeshini, “Wind of Death” in Japanese.  Why shouldn’t I name my rifle?  This is the camo job that I did over the weekend.  You can also see my new Ariat boots, at least the left one.  The colors of the camo don’t show up that well with the iphone picture, but I did a base coat of tan, followed by OD green, and finally brown.  My methods were pretty simple.  I did the base coat wrapped the stock in construction line (the kind used when using a line level) it’s about $5 for 400yards.  I also used some thicker rope and finished with burlap loosely wrapped around the stock.  Here is the process:

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My Savage 30-06 (My Poor Man’s Custom Rifle)


This was my birthday present back in October.  A Savage 111 30-06 with a Bushnell 3-9x scope and detachable box magazine (DBM).  I Got it for $300!!

So why did I get this inexpensive rifle?

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Ammo Boxes

Custom ammo boxes.

Beretta 391AL Refinish

This is a Beretta 391AL with a stock I refinished.  I got a great deal on in because it was shipped from the factory with a clouded finish.  Sadly, I sold this gun after I refinished the stock.

Pistol Grips

These are grips that I have made for 1911s and a Colt Huntsman 22. If you have a pistol that you would like grips made for let me know.  Smooth grips are from ($50-75) depending on the model of pistol.  I do provide hand checkering, contact me for the price.

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Browning Citori Stock Refinish

When I first started shooting competitively my grandfather, Robert Hazlett, bought me a Browning Citori Hunter 12ga.  I shot with this shotgun until I literally wore it out.  My parents had the action rebuilt and re-blued for a graduation present.  There was still one problem.  When I first got the gun, I was short.  So we cut the stock down to fit me.  As I grew I fit and installed a Graco adjustable butt-plate.  These are great as you can adjust LOP, Cant, and drop at heel.  I, however, wanted to restore the gun to its original appearance.  For our first anniversary my wife tracked down on of the few remaining Browning Citori Stocks with the U-tang.  The only one we could find had an oil finish, mine had a high gloss finish.  We decided we could refinish the new stock and forearm to match each other.  I decided to take my forearm to an oil-finish to match the new stock.  Here is my work.

If you have a gun-stock you would like refinished, please contact me.

Wife’s Sewing Desk

In Christmas Season 2010 I built a custom sewing table for my wife as her present.  I finished in February, so it was a little late but I earned tons of points because I did a great job.  This desk is solid red oak (no cheap plywood).  My wife came up with the inlay design and the cuts, we did order the legs from a great wood worker who specializes in custom table legs (If I could remember his name I would definitely encourage you to do business with him).  The inlays were also purchased, everything else is all me.  I did a hand rubbed oil finish to a semi-gloss look.

Below is the process of building this table.  I started with a sharp pencil, had “help” from my dog ‘Nilla, and you can see the rest for yourself.

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