What is home?

Home is more that 4 walls.  It’s more than a fancy kitchen. 
Home is where you do life. 
Home is stepping on toys in the middle of the night.  It’s your toddler taking a permanent marker to your freshly painted walls.  Home is where you go to church, buy your groceries, where your kids ride their bikes, where you work, and where you play. 

Home is a place for friends and family.  

My name is Robert Dailey. I first moved to the Brazos Valley in 2004 to start college.  This is where I met my wife and where we’ve chosen to raise our family.  My business, Dailey Woodworks, started as a hobby. I was doing my own projects, and helping out my friends and neighbors with their home improvement projects.  In 2014, we took Dailey Woodworks full-time to offer custom woodworking and carpentry services to our neighbors throughout the Brazos Valley area.  
Our goal is to help you transform your house into a home so that you can build on the things that really matter: 
Messy kitchens from a great night with friends, marvelous Thanksgivings and Christmases where all your family come and stay, and easy-to-clean walls so you can get that permanent marker off.  
Your next home improvement project is important.  Contact Dailey Woodworks to help you bring your dream house home.

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