Upgrade your dog’s status with an easy to build wooden dog bed that you can personalize to suit your home.

We offer easy to follow, detailed, plans with step by step instructions. There’s a full material list and tool list. The tools needed are minimal; drill/driver, screws, tape measure, square, and a saw. This is a great beginners level project. The materials will cost you less than $50 in most regions.

Watch the Video First – Build a Wooden Dog Bed

All of our woodworking plans are made in conjunction with a full build video on Youtube to make it easy to follow along as you build yours. This also gives you the opportunity to see if this is a project that you feel equipped to tackle yourself.

We sized this wooden dog bed around my lab’s pillow top dog bed. Additional sizes are not available but you should be able to customize this dog bed to fit your dog’s size.


You’ll need one 2ft x 4ft sheet of 3/4 Plywood, three 1×6 tongue and groove pine board that are 8ft long, a box of nails/screws and some wood glue. All these materials are readily available at your local home center.