Once a year I try to do a woodworking shop tour video.  I mainly do this for myself because I want to see all the ways my shop evolves over the years.  My tools improve, my organization improves, and my processes improve.

Perhaps, You, my customers will also find my shop tour interesting.  It gives you an inside look to where your Dog Kennels, furniture, or cabinetry is built.

About My Shop

Grizzly Table Saw in the Dailey Woodworks Shop

The Shop isn’t anything special, other than I love it and having it allows me the opportunity to do what I love every day. It’s a 3 car detached garage and was one of the major reasons we bought our very-much-still-in-progress fixer-upper house.  We converted about a third of the garage into a craft room for my wife.  She loves to quilt. This leaves me with about a 450 square foot space, and the front yard to build things.

Working from Home is a Blessing

It’s so nice to be able to walk 10 feet to my work every day and eating lunch with wife and small kids every day is a blessing that I don’t fully appreciate.

My son is in and out of the shop 100 times a day, pulling out tools and “helping” daddy and Devin.  He mostly makes a mess and slows down progress. I need to learn to cherish these moments because soon he’ll start school.  My girls (2 and 1) haven’t quite mastered door knobs yet but they’ll find their way into the shop several times a day as well.

Without people like you buying our dog kennels or hiring us to build a unique piece of furniture I wouldn’t have this opportunity.  So thank you.

The Dailey Woodworks January 2019 Shop Tour

Watch my Woodworking Shop Tour on Youtube.


Learn More about our shop

I have several playlists on youtube and be sure to check out the “My Shop” category and the “Lean Improvements” category for all the little things we do to be more efficient in the shop.

Build a Boring Workbench

If your new to woodworking “The Perfectly Boring Workbench” is a great beginner woodworking project and will literally be the foundation for your future projects.  It’s simple and will be a great addition to your Woodworking Shop.