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Kreg Tools and Jigs are Invaluable to Me

This is part of the New Tool Tuesday series.  On Tuesdays, I post an article reviewing the tools I use on the jobsite. 

The Kreg Pocket Hole jig is owned by almost every woodworker I know, and every woodworker should have one.  But Kreg also makes a lot of other useful tools and jigs.  Over time, I have found that I really like most of their tools.  Their prices are very reasonable as well.  These are tools I actually own and use professionally on most of my work.

The Kreg K4 Master System

This is the exact set-up I own, and the one I recommend you get.  I’ve made a lot of money with this tool.  While the exact figure is hard to calculate, I can easily say this tool has helped me earn well over $10,000 is the last 12 months.  Considering this tool is 5 years old and still going strong…I’d say it’s more than paid for itself.   Pocket holes are versatile, easy, and strong.  I use them on furniture, cabinets, shop projects, etc. http://amzn.to/2A0Eq5Q

The Kreg Shelf Pin Drilling Jig

Shelf Pins are found in your cheap flat pack furniture, to high end custom cabinets.  The reason?  They provide inexpensive and easy adjustability to any shelving system.  How many times have you gone to put an item on a shelf and “if only it was 1″ taller!”?  Shelf pins provide the ability to customize your layout to fit your current needs and your future needs.

In our closets, I am in the process of building custom closet organizers. They all feature shelf pins to provide maximum flexibility and to effectively future-proof the closets against later changes.

Shelf pins also provide easy indexing for adding pullout drawers.  If you need a stronger fixed shelf, add some pocket holes and index it with the shelf pins for the perfect location.  They make $400-500 tools to drill many holes at once, but for $30 this one fits right in a drawer, ready when I need it. http://amzn.to/2ifAExo

The Kreg KHI-Hinge Concealed Hinge Jig

I build custom cabinets and modify existing cabinets.  I only use European (or Concealed) style hinges.  Euro-Hinges are stronger, easier to adjust, stay aligned better, and are just superior.  However installing them does require some know-how…unless you have this jig and then it is stupid easy.  I went a long time without this tool, but  I would have bought it sooner had I known how wonderful it is to use.  http://amzn.to/2gMGSnU

The Kreg Cabinet Hardware Jig

Imagine.  You’ve spent hours, days, weeks working on a piece of cabinetry.  It has turned out great.  Now it’s time it install your drawer pulls. WHOOPS! They’re misaligned or in the wrong spot.  Game over.  I’ve made my own jigs for cabinet hardware many times.  It’s a perfectly fine way of doing it.  But once again an inexpensive little jig from Kreg makes it so much easier.  http://amzn.to/2lErXBH

The Kreg Drawer Slide Mounting Jig 

It’s a hunk of plastic.  No, It’s a magical hunk of plastic.  The idea behind this is simple.  A self indexing brace to insure proper alignment of drawer slides, that’s it.  The simplicity of this tool is over shadowed by it’s usefulness.  Fast, Simple, and Efficient drawer slide installation. Period.  http://amzn.to/2gSXDOp


That’s How I Do It

These five tools are my primary cabinet making tools.  I’m actually having second thoughts about publishing this because I feel like I’m giving away all my trade secrets.  Anyone with basic woodworking skills can use these tools to build their own high quality cabinetry.


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