Dailey Woodworks

Why Did I Just Get an Email?

If you received an unprompted email from Dailey Woodworks asking you to confirm your subscription for new posts…We can explain.

We’ve been working on marketing, social media, and a stronger web presence.  Part of this includes having you subscribed to this blog for new posts and content.  If you’d rather not be subscribed please feel free to unsubscribe… but before you do…

Word of mouth, and repeat customers makes up about 90% of our business.  This means a great deal to me.  Without that Dailey Woodworks wouldn’t exist.  I hope to bring you meaningful and interesting posts of projects, DIY articles, and other resources that will benefit my customers and subscribers.  There is also the self-centered goal of staying at the forefront of your mind so Dailey Woodworks will be your first call or referral for new work.  I hope to earn that privilege as well.

Thank you for being part of the Dailey Woodworks community, and have a blessed day!

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