I’ve been in business for myself for about 8 months.  It has been great.  I love working for myself, controlling who I work for, controlling my hours, and the freedom that comes with being self-employed.  Running your own business is not without pitfalls.  Tools break, jobs fall though, and you’re always trying to hustle up the next job to keep your family sheltered and fed.

I’ve been blessed with good health and a steady stream of jobs.  I haven’t always cleared the amount of income I wanted in a month but the bills get paid and the food is still in the pantry.  There is also a lot of hard work outside of billable hours that has kept us in the black.  My wife meticulously manages our family budget and I’m equally attentive to my business budget.  I’ve spent time on this website, YouTube, and google business making sure I’m easy to find.

This “Podcast” is starting as a video, or a Vlog, primarily because it is the format I’m familiar with.  Watch the video below for the first episode of The Business of Carpentry