Dailey Woodworks

Painting the Jennings’ House (Exterior)

My first major job since going into business full time for myself was painting the Jennings’ house.  Their home is in good shape overall but was in need of a face-lift.  They have metal siding and a metal carport that the paint had pealed off and rust was starting to form.  There was also a little bit of rot on the back porch I repaired.

After a good pressure washing I started masking everything off for spraying.  I’ve been wanting an airless sprayer for a while and this job provided me the opportunity to get one.  I don’t have the money for a true professional grade sprayer so I went with the Wagner Power Painter Pro it is a cup style so it’s great for small jobs and it included a 2 gallon backpack for extended use.  I can also purchase an extended hose for spraying from a 5 gallon bucket.  I gets heavy after a few hours of spraying.  We used bright white Rustoleum oil based paint.

I also replaced the back door.  Next up we’re repairing some drywall and painting inside.

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