I had the opportunity to go on the Work Strong America Podcast by Rick Seigmund.  WSA is a podcast about promoting the skilled trades, the skills gap, and combating the myth that a 4 year $30,000 dollar degree is the only path the success in America.  As someone who fell into the trap of thinking college was the only path and is now focusing on growing a business through carpentry and woodworking Rick invited me on for an interview.

I first learned about Work Strong America and Rick Seigmund from the interview he did with Ron Paulk.  Ron Paulk is a big YouTuber and finish carpenter who I’ve learned a lot from.  Based on this interview I made a few comments on the WSA website explaining my situation and what I was wanting to do with Dailey Woodworks.  If you don’t listen to this podcast, you should.

Check out my interview: