Late Friday evening my partners and I set up our pop-up tents in our space for the “Kermit Celebration Days” festival.  I joined with several members of my church who were also selling their crafts.  An elderly man was selling beautifully crafted wind-chimes, two ladies were selling embroidery and sewn items, and I was selling many of my crafts that I’ve featured on this blog before.  We set up excitedly with big hopes of selling our crafts, not expected to get rich but in some way receive (financial) validation for the crafts we take such pride in.  By 7:45 the next morning we were all set up and ready to peddle our wares.

I sold two items, a “name and address sign” that I will make this weekend, and one of my rustic wall art frames. Both to people I knew.  My senior sold one Wind-chime, and the seamstresses only sold a few items.   Looking around at all the other vendors and talking to a few, no one was buying.  If I had sold everything I intended I would have grossed $2000.  Of course I hoped to sell everything but realistically I hoped to gross around $400.  I had that much in $20 items.

In my conversations with fellow vendors most were as disappointed as I was.  A few of the food vendors (who all seemed to do well) said that this was fairly typically of this particular show and that others were a lot better for makers.   Now I am in the process of listing the smaller items on my Etsy Store and will post the larger furniture on Craigslist (at reduced prices).  I’ve had moderate success with Etsy and hope that as Christmas approaches I’ll move some merchandise.

I don’t have any plans to attend anymore craft-shows in the near future.  When I do try again I’ll try another show a few counties over and will try to have a larger variety of smaller crafts.