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Installing an Umbrella Style Clothes Line.

ALTERNATE TITLE:  I did a project for my wife on the same weekend she asked me to.

My wife wanted a way to hang clothes out to dry.  She went online and found the Household Essentials 12-Line Outdoor Umbrella-Style Clothes Dryer on Amazon for only $32.00.  It’s what she wanted so it’s what she got.  If you’re unable and unwilling to dig there are also models that have a built in stand, like this one (Household Essentials 3-Arm Portable Umbrella-Style Clothes Dryer).

We opted for the strength you get from a concrete footing.  We have A LOT of wind in West Texas!  When not in use this Clothes dryer quickly folds up and can be stored in the garage.  The sleeve is just slightly below ground level so I can mow over it without worry.


According to the instructions you will need a bag of gravel and a bag of Ready mix concrete from your local hardware store.  This will run you about $20.  Next you dig a hole put some gravel in the bottom and pour in the concrete; following all the instructions and depths I no longer remember.

Digging a hole in your yard is simple with the proper tools.  A good Post Hole Digger is really the best hand tool for the job.  Keep an eye out at garage sales for a set (don’t fret a little rust because you can make old tools as good as new).  If you don’t have those the next best thing is a narrow spade, like this Ditch/Trench Shovel.  It’s narrow blade makes breaking up soil easier.  [Before digging call your city to have utility lines marked, you don’t want to pay for that damage.  In Texas just call 811].


Once the concrete sets up (about a day in warm weather), you are good to go.  It’s a super easy Saturday afternoon project.



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