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A Shelf for a Wipe Warmer

My son has become very active recently.  He’s now crawling, pulling up on things, and pulling the dog’s tail.  He is also kicking the wipe-warmer off of his changing table.  I’m sure it would break if I didn’t do something about it quick.

My wife requested (for a few weeks) that I build a simple shelf to hold the wipe warmer out of his reach.

Using my new thickness planer and my seemingly endless supply of pine via old church pews I started making a simple shelf for his room.

For the top I had some 1/2 pine that I joined together with biscuits  to be about 9″ wide and 12″ long.  The supports were from 3/4″ stock.  I sketched out a nice curve by eye, then used carpet tape to stick the two supports together.  After cutting the shape on the band-saw I sanded it my bench-top belt sander.  I had a leftover piece of a french cleat from another project that I used to mount the shelf to the wall.  Since this shelf is only holding a few pounds I was confident that some glue and brad nails would hold it together just fine.

I finished it with an “Antiquing Wax” from Lowe’s.  It’s made for chalk paint projects but the color it gives to bare wood is very pleasing and dries almost instantly.

This little project took me about two weeks to get to and about an hour (including glue-up) to complete and hang on the wall.

Here’s the Video.


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