Sanding is no one’s favorite task, but every woodworker knows that it is the most important step in getting a perfect finish.  I’ve come up with a simple and I think clever solution to make sure I sand enough but not any longer than necessary.

I’m honestly not sure if I just thought of this or I’ve seen it somewhere before.  I’m sure that someone somewhere has been doing this for a while.  It has been a great time saver in my shop and helps ensure consistency.

Check it out.

For those of you who would rather read the process is stupid simple.  Take a pencil and lightly scribble across the surface of your board and then sand them off.  This will show you any high spots and low spots.  The rule-of-thumb with random orbit sanders is that you want to move 1 inch per second to remove all the previous sanding scratches.  I’ve found it takes about that long to effectively remove the pencil mark.  This makes sure I’ve sanding enough and that I know where I’ve been.

I hope this helps some of you out there!  Let me know in the comments!

If your looking for good inexpensive sandpaper, here is the best I’ve found.
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