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Farmhouse Style Window Seat Dresser, From Trash

My son and I were headed home and I decided on a whim to drive through the neighborhood instead of taking the main roads.  I pulled up to a stop sign and out of the corner of my eye I saw this dresser sitting on the curb a block away.

I put on my blinker and went to take a look.  It’s missing all the hardware and a few drawers.  The top isn’t in great shape with some water damage.  But it has good enough bones to make it something worth selling.  So I put it in park and load it into the back of my truck.  I see the owner of the house and make sure it’s OK to take.  They didn’t understand why anyone would want it and said that the city was going to haul it off.


Since the top was ruined and the only drawers missing were from the top row, I decided that I’d just cut all of that off. That left me with a very low dresser that could look great sitting in front of a large window.  It could also sit at the end of a bed or used as an entertainment center.

I debated purchasing lumber for the top but decided instead to use lumber from the pews my church removed early this year.  The base of the seats were paper wrapped pine.  It took a lot more effort to get the paper off as I would have hoped, but it turned out nice.  I lightly stained the pine slab with Minwax Golden Oak  and sealed it with two coats of Clear Satin Wipe-On Poly.  This gave me a great wood top to contrast the painted body of the dresser.

Farmhouse Style Window Seat 6

I’ve also decided I’m going to save up for a planer, since I have about a thousand board feet of this lumber available.

I painted it a slate blue in premium flat paint+primer [never cheap out on paint!  The good stuff is worth it].  I brushed it on to give nice brush strokes and make it look more like chalk paint.  Chalk paint is “in” right now, but I find it to be a lot of work.  I’ve also found that flat paint applied to furniture properly gives you the exact same finished look.  In fact, my wife who really likes chalk painted pieces saw me painting and exclaimed “Oh, you did decide to go with chalk paint!”

Farmhouse Style Window Seat 7

My wife and I picked out some simple “gun-metal gray” handles that fit nicely with the style of the dresser.  I never waste my time anymore trying to find drawer pulls that are the same spacing as the holes in the drawer face.  I simply fill them in with either wood filler or drywall compound, sand it flush and paint over it.  This way I can quickly get the hardware available at most stores and not waste time looking for what cant be found.

Farmhouse Style Window Seat 5

Thanks for reading.  Here’s the Video


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  1. Yea, it looked like chalk paint going on but ingle have distressed chalk paint and it’s much, much easier to distress than flat paint.
    -the wife

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