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Two-Step Step Stool

This project was another one of those “for family” projects.  My mother-in-law just became a licensed massage therapist and rented a small office space.  If you’re in the Bryan-College Station area (TX) you should check her out.

She wanted a step stool to make it easier for her clients to get on and off her massage table.  It sits about 36″ high.  We went to Pinterest to get some inspiration.  We picked a fairly simple design  that would be painted.

For the materials I’ve been using “Project Panels” available at Lowe’s.  I really like these.  They’re priced right and I think you can get them up to 24″ wide.  Basically it’s just 1×3 pine that had been edge jointed together.  There are two grades “paint” and “stain.”

I won’t be wasting my time with the paint grade again.  I’ve been very happy with the “stain grade.”  There is just too many voids and imperfections in the paint grade that just isn’t worth the time to fill and sand out.   [rant over]

These panels have proved to be very stable and I enjoy using them.  For this project I picked up a 3/4x16x96″ panel and it was just right for this stool.

It measures 15″ tall, 18″ wide” and about 16″ deep.  The steps are 9″  wide and it is 7 1/2″ between steps.  I used my Kreg Jig to make pocket holes and glued all the joints.  The finished result is very stable.

Part of the deal is that I didn’t have to paint it.  She painted it black, sanded it, and then diluted some cream paint to do a kind of white wash.

I also helped her set up her website.  I’m getting several free massages as part of the deal 🙂

Here’s the Video
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