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2013 Bathroom Remodel

During Thanksgiving week 2013 My wife, In-laws, brother-in-law, and I remodeled the bathroom in our little house.  It was in desperate need of help both in appearance and function.  Not only was it a ugly pink, uncoordinated mess but it was deteriorating.

A full gut job was in order.  By the time we were done the only things left unchanged were the cast iron tub and the toilet which has been replaced a few years before we moved in (it still had the label).

Like any remodel of a 60 year old house there were a few surprises, but thankfully no structural issues.  I’ll walk you through with pictures.


Here are the before pictures…yeah…

The first thing we did was destroy everything.

This is our only bathroom.  So we had to stage everything where the shower and the toilet were usable every night.  This made the process a little slower but you do what you gotta do.

If you noticed that our house had zero insulation in the exterior walls, good job!  Our house breathes so well there was no mold though.

We had to do some plumbing work replacing old pipes but that was the only major surprise.

We covered everything with green drywall and then put concrete backer on the floor and the tub surround for tile.  We also updated the electrical to GFCI.

Now for the finished results.

It was important to us to make sure the remodel fit with the era of the house.  The sink was a thrift store find and the medicine cabinet was pulled from an old cabin.  The grey, black, and white color scheme works with many accent colors.  My wife chose a teal for the accent color.

Not pictured is a cabinet I built to go above the toilet.  It’s the same teal done with chalk paint.  My wife had the idea to use an old window for the door.

If you cannot gather from the pictures the bathroom is tiny.  Using space wisely became a priority.  We put in a pocket door which makes the room feel bigger.  We bought a kit so we could reuse the original door.  This allowed me to build a cubby in the wall and add towel hooks.  I also added cubbies in the shower for holding our soaps, etc.

For the linen closet my wife and I came up with a layout and I built it out with custom shelving.

We have new baseboards in the bathroom but I was able to reuse the crown and case mouldings.

It’s so much nicer now.

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