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My Wife’s Craft Room

My wife loves sewing.  In our current home she has a room all to herself for her craft.  She has also decorated it to her liking.  Over time she has had me make different pieces.  Here are some of the things we’ve done in there.

Wall Shelves

This shelf I made from an old book self that we found in the store room when we moved into our house.  It was some type of angled retro 80s design and was a horrible yellow.  Really, what was the deal with horrible yellow in the 70s/80s?  Yellow is ok, if it’s done right.  I even painted a dresser a cream yellow. It can work but whatever color yellow you people used back in the 80s was the wrong yellow.

Anyway, I broke apart the book case and remade it into what you see above.  My wife painted and distressed it herself.  The thing that looks like a printer is a Cricut which can be used to cut letters shapes and other things.  (Kinda like a CNC for paper and fabric)


Cutting Table (1)

This is my Wife’s cutting table.  I made it for her Christmas present over a year ago.  I didn’t take picture of the build.  It has three shallow drawers that stretch across the width of the cabinet and have full extension slides.  There are six equal size cubbies on bellow, three on each side.  On the back which is not in view I have a piece of pegboard instead of a solid backing.  This makes every side of the cart useful.  Casters mean she can move it where She needs it.  We spent a long time sketching designs and figuring out the dimensions she wanted.  It sits directly below the shelves in the above photograph.


If you turn counter clock wise while looking at the cutting table you will find this shelf.  It is made from found gingerbread and a board that was stained red.  Stained not painted.  It’s hard to see in the picture but in real life it has a very nice look.  I mounted the bracket to the wall and screwed the board on through the top (since you look up at it, you don’t see them).  It holds her wedding dress and accessories.


This final picture highlights my wife’s decorating style, at least for her craft room.  In the center you see what is the side of a baby crib that we’ve hung on the wall.  It uses simple “S” hooks for hanging items as you see hear.  This was all my wife’s idea I just hung it on the wall.

The rest of the room is filled with a daybed (with a trundle) for guests, an antique sewing machine cabinet with a working antique sewing machine, the sewing table I made her before we moved into this house, and lots of plastic storage drawers for her fabrics and supplies.

I’m blessed with a wife with a decorating style that I like, and allows me to make things that I wouldn’t otherwise think to make.  (Take this to mean that I’ll never run out of projects)

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