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New Tool: Craftsman Professional Router

I’ve been wanting a heavy duty router for a while.  I have a Ryobi router that I received for Christmas a few ago.  It came with a router table that has proven to be extremely useful.  I honestly have no complaints about the router I have but I still wanted to upgrade.

I specifically wanted a plunge router, and I figured since I was going to use it a lot I would pony up and get a heavy duty router that will do everything I can think of.  In comes the Craftsman Professional 14-amp Fixed/Plunge Base Router.  This guy has all the power I need, with the features to open up a new realm of options.  Also having two routers just makes life easier in the shop.  Now I can leave my 9-amp Ryobi permanently mounted in its table.

There have been many times in my life with only one router that I would put off using it either because I didn’t want to put in into the table or I didn’t want to take it out of the table.  Now I don’t have to worry about it.  Perhaps one day I’ll need to put the Craftsman into the table for some big job (since it takes 1/2″ bits), and that’ll be a pain.  But who knows maybe at that point I’ll want an even bigger router to permanently mount in a custom made router table.

3 thoughts on “New Tool: Craftsman Professional Router

  1. I wish more of my corded tools had removable power cables. It would make me a lot happier when I go to store them. I’m probably a little OCD about it, but I rarely trust someone else to roll up my cables because I’m afraid they’ll stress the power cable by winding it up to tightly and eventually cause failure.
    To me tools that are treated properly should last several generations, as a number of mine have already.

    Though I would guess most probably prefer the convenience of not having the cable and tool separated so they don’t get lost.

    • The biggest perk of separate cord, for me, is being able to unplug it at the tool when changing bits. I’ve got a box in my modular cabinet just for this router and it’s parts so losing the cable isn’t a problem. I wrap the cords around the tool for the most part, I think as long as I don’t do it too tight it’s not a problem. I’ve got one extension cord that was rolled wrong for a long time, I’m gradually getting all the kinks out of it. I’ve seen guys use water hose reels for their long extension cords I may get some eventually.

  2. We spoke of this a couple weeks back and I did purchase one … and so far am loving it. Very satisfied. And my neighbor just bought one too. Not quite sure why he did — he can’t even drive nails –


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