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One Corner of the Modular Shop is Almost Complete

This is a picture of my new shelving system.  I sized it to fit "Milk Boxes" that I can get for free at the grocery store.

Given my time constraints this whole process is going slower than I hoped.  There is also the issue is where do I put stuff while I’m remodeling the shop, and how do I do the projects I need to do while remodeling?  While it’s no where near as bad as completely renovating the one bathroom in our house last year (I still haven’t done a post on that),  It makes for several “Choke Points.” If I could give a solid day to the project I could be mostly done.  Hopefully I’ll have 3-4 hours this weekend to devote to building modular drawers and tearing out my old storage unit.

This old storage system worked well.  I was able to grab the box I needed and go.  The milk boxes were sturdy but eventually they break down and need to be replaced.  With the modular system I can still grab and go, but I think I need to develop a lid of some kind or a case to put in the truck.

Where this storage unit is will be where my workbench will go when I’m done.  I’ll use a French cleat system to organize chargers, and my going collection of hand tools.

I’ve almost completed my drill press and grinder station using the modular system.  I also removed the lumber rack that was above the old station.  It had become an unfunctional catch-all that needed purging.  The head of the drill press can quickly pivot with the turn of an Allan wrench, so I’m not losing capacity by having another cabinet right beside it.  I rarely use my bench grinder, but I still want quick access to it.  Buy mounting it too a drawer bottom I can quickly slide it out and plug it in when needed.  When it’s not it only takes up two spaces in the cabinet.  I’m rather proud of myself for how this is working out.

I am debating reinstalling pegboard or trying a French cleat behind the drill press.  Since I use my table saw right outside this door it would be a good place for some of my jigs, and my circular saw guide.  Cinder block is hard to mount things too.  I have tried the special bits and screws without much luck.  Plastic drywall anchors seem to work well though.

I also plan on going through and labeling every box with it’s contents.


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