Smartphones are great they are a computer, phone, camera, and more that fits in your pants pocket.  The large glass screen also makes them fragile.  Because of their fragility I’ve always kept my phones in a case, specifically an Otterbox.  With an otter box I have never experienced a cracked screen on any of my Android’s or current IPhone.  Once I even ran over my wife’s IPhone that she dropped in the church parking lot with no damage to the phone (It was an accident).

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These come with a plastic belt clip that holds the phone.  I never use them.  Since I use my IPhone to shoot videos for my YouTube channel I decided I would make the plastic case into a tripod mount.  I also plan on making a variety of DIY camera mounts for use in the shop.

I want to make sure I am standardized so if and when I get a real camera I can use the mounts with it.  US standard for camera mounts is 1/4″ inch by 20 threads per inch nut and bolt.  This size is readily available at your local hardware store for just a couple of dollars.

I bought some 1 1/2 inch and 2 inch carriage Bolts for the mount.  For the case bracket I’m epoxied a nut in place.  I also got a couple of wing nuts to help control tension.

Here is the Video of the Build.