I’ve been lucky.  I’ve never had a serious accident related to woodworking.  I’ve been lucky because I’ve been careful.  I take my safety seriously, I owe a large part of this mindset to the years I spent doing competition shooting sports.  Many of the rules of gun safety transfer to woodworking.

It’s not news to anyone that the table saw is the most dangerous tool in the shop.  Ok, second most, you are the most dangerous tool in the shop.  Our tools are only as dangerous as we are.

Soap box aside the table saw is dangerous and causes many accidents, all are caused through negligence just as all firearm accidents are caused by negligence.  When you remove all the safety devices from your equipment because it “slows you down” you’re asking for trouble.  I think the very fact that these safety devices slow us down is why they work.

I plan on buying a nice Sawstop table saw one day because it will stop the blade if you touch it. But that doesn’t remedy carelessness or using proper techniques.

Other than cutting your fingers off, kickback can break your face.

Kickback is probably much more common than cutting off digits.  I’ve never experienced kickback that resulted in injury.  I do have a riving knife on my table saw that greatly reduces the risk of kick back.  My table saw was a display model and did not come with the blade guard or I’d use that too.

Enough rambling:  I saw this video on YouTube and thought it was worth sharing.  This guy intentionally demonstrates Kickback.  He does so using a push block and stands well out of the path of the blade, but still ends up almost seriously injured.

Take a look.  (Credit for this video belongs to thintz12 on YouTube)

Wow, that’s a wakeup call to be safe in the shop.  I’m going to be making some new push sticks.

You are responsible for your own safety.  I am responsible for my safety.  Just a friendly reminder.

I plan on getting a Micro Jig “Gripper” soon, maybe you should too.