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A Cold, Wet, and Rainy Saturday

I hope the weather is better in your area today than in West Texas.  All week I have been looking forward to Saturday, and getting to spend a day woodworking.  I have a big project in the works and many more on the list.

Unfortunately a cold-front blew in late Thursday night and the temperature has been dropping from the 70’s to the upper 30’s.  I know many up in Yankee-land scoff at my weakness and inability to tolerate such “mild weather,” trust me I feel the same way when your “heat-waves” of summer reach the upper 80’s.

I despise the cold.  Give me a hot 110 degree West Texas day, any day.

I’ll spend the whole day outside in that weather.  (Making sure to stay hydrated, and cool down when needed, of course).  But the Cold just hurts down to my bones.

Well, why don’t I just put a heater in my shop?

That’s a multi-faceted answer.

  • First, due to the size of my shop I do the majority of my work on my outdoor work tables.  I use my shop for some jobs, but it’s mainly a tool room and staging area.
  • Second my table saw workstation is outdoors.  I have portable table saw that I store in the shop and have a table and outfield station that lives outside.  This gives me all the room I need and no need to worry about dust collection.  The problem is that on days like today working outdoors is just not an option.  A heater doesn’t help with that.
  • Third is government stupidity.  Because my wife and I are foster parents we cannot have a space heater do to the inherent danger of a fire.  I being an adult am incapable of safely using one therefore I am not allowed to have one.

Therefore, instead of working on my modular shop cabinets I’m spending the day indoors.  I plan on posting this blog entry, tweaking some things on my new website and editing a video for YouTube.

So my fellow woodworkers and crafts people, how do you spend wet, rainy, and cold Saturdays?

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