I started robertdailey.wordpress.com in back in 2009. I used my name so that I could branch out into whatever subjects I desired. Over the years it has been a woodworking blog, and religious blog, a shooting blog, and a mix of all three.

I didn’t get serious about writing and promoting this site until this year (2014). This is the year that I decided that I would try to support my woodworking by making and selling my crafts, and blogging. I’ve never made a dime blogging, maybe one day… but it’s not why I blog.  It’s nice to share my thoughts, show off projects, and even try to get people to buy stuff from my Etsy Store.

This year has been a big learning experience, I’ve made a little bit of money, bought some new tools, and more than doubled my readership. This year I’ve had more views on this site than in all my other years combined (or will shortly).

Wordpress Stats

To celebrate and move to the next level I’ve decided it is time for my own domain name. That’s right, I’m dropping .wordpress.com and becoming DaileyWoodworks.com. Not monetizing, not changing how I do things on this site in a significant way, just moving along the timeline of moving from a hobby to a legitimate business.

If I ever get to the point where most of my living comes from Dailey Woodworks, that would be great. But I’m taking the slow and deliberate approach.

So welcome to Dailey Woodworks’ official site launch. My goal is to post once a week. These posts will be projects, how-to’s, rants, tips, reviews of tools, shooting, and Youtube Videos.