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The Dresser from Ave D: Trash to Treasure


This project has been one of the most infuriating projects I’ve done in a long time.

Our small town did a city-wide clean up a few months ago.  If you had something you didn’t want you could put it out on the side of the road and the city would come buy and get it.  That’s how I found this dresser.

I knew it was happening so I went looking for some new projects.  When I came upon what I dub the “Dresser from Ave D” it was stained, colored on, spilled on, etc.  A few drawers were missing, as was most of the hardware.  I thought it would be cheap and easy to “flip” this into an entertainment center and sell it for profit.

Cheap and easy didn’t happen.   With time, materials, and profit I would have to sell this dresser for over $700 based on my pricing formula (which is very fair IMO).  I’m listing it at $500,  That has me making less that I would like but at least I’m breaking even on materials and labor.

It turned out great.  If we had room in our living room it would be our new entertainment center (that comes from my wife).  The wood is finished  with gel-stain, then sealed with wipe-on poly.  I used an off-white/cream paint that my wife picked out.  I then waxed the entire thing.

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