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My First Day Woodworking in Weeks

It’s been a while since I’ve been in my shop.  The main reason is I’ve had to re do my exhaust system.  My catalytic converter collapsed on itself clogging my exhaust pipe and ruining my muffler.  I do my own maintenance, so there was a lot of figuring stuff out.  And I can’t afford to pay mechanics to do what either I can do, or figure out.  Now if I had the money I’d never crawl under a vehicle again.  It’s one of those things I do because I can not because I enjoy it.  Also finding a good mechanic is hard 1)because they are few and far between 2)Good mechanics do good work, and good work is more expensive, and 3) I’m in the middle of nowhere and the good mechanic I found for stuff I can’t is 70 miles away.

Anyway I was able to turn a $1200 bid into a $100 job, a job that was done in phases over a few weeks, and since I’m me, not a business I was able to do some things in a less expensive way than a business that has regulations the have to follow.  But I did get some funny looks when my Explorer sounded like a diesel.

Then I had a pipe in the wall behind my shower bust.  That was fun.  I’m just glad I was home when it popped, not gone all day.

Today, I finally got back on a project.  It is a frustrating project which is partly why it got put off for so long.  Maybe I just needed a break for a while.

But at least my cars are fixed

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