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How To Repair a Damaged Extension Cord

Here is the latest video from my Youtube Channel.  For a while I was trying to do one video a week but that’s just not feasible for me at this time.

Had had problems with my 100ft extension cord.  The first is that it was always getting tangled, I hated using it.  100ft is just too long for my needs.  The second problem is that the safety ground had been removed at some put.  The third problem was that the female end was coming loose exposing bare wire.  Overall it was just unsafe to keep using.

Instead of throwing it away I decided to fix it.  Then I had the idea of making two 50ft cords out of the one.  You can buy replacement cord ends at any hardware store and its a super easy project.  Now I have two cords that are easier to handle, and if I ever need a 100ft cord I can just connect the two.  So if you have a damaged extension cord don’t throw it away, fix it.

Coleman Cable Replacement Yellow 15-Amp Cord End

Watch this Video to see the process.  It’ll take you about 30 minutes to do this project.

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