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Rusty’s Remodel Part 3 – Kitchen Remodel

This will be the last post of this series.  There was a lot of painting, drywall repairs throughout the rest of the house. All of which were fairly basic and not “wow” transformational.  The Kitchen, however, was the crowning achievement of this project.

The credit for this Kitchen doesn’t go to me but to Wright Custom Woodworks.  All I did was paint and install the hardware.  Bo, completely changed and refaced the cabinets to a nice modern-classic look.  He’s also a great guy.  I’ve recommended him to several people for custom cabinet work, and will continue to do so.

Here are the Pictures: Click on them to open the gallery.



Rusty’s Remodel Part 2 (Bedroom Addition)

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Last week I showed the before and afters of the exterior of this home.  One my summer helper and I finished the exterior repairs and painting we moved inside to build a wall.  This rental was to be targeted at college students so another bedroom would help maximize the income potential of this property.  The front den/living room was fairly small and there is a large common area that connects what is now the Living/Dinning area to the kitchen.

The process was fairly simple.  Build a wall seperating the entry way from the living area.  Install a door, build a closet.  For the closet we used a nice, and expensive, double mirrored sliding door.  I was impressed with how easy it was to install.  We then waited, forever, for the electricians to finish their part then finished the drywall and painting.

Rusty’s Remodel – Part 1(Exterior)

I was leaving Home Depot, again.  When I get a phone call.  On the other end is an excited guy who just bought his first rental property, and he’s writing a book about it.  Okay….? That’s different.  He wanted me to build a wall or something.  We set up a time to meet for an estimate and I head back to the house I was painting.

As a carpenter/small business owner I come across all types of people and personalities.  Most good, some annoying, and a few bad.  Then occasionally you’ll meet a guy like Rusty. Someone who is genuinely a great person, and then you get to work for him.  It also turned into my biggest job since moving back to the Brazos Valley.

He originally wanted an estimate to convert a Den/Living room into a bedroom.  Texas A&M University is the life blood of College Station.  Rusty purchased a house near campus that is a prime candidate for students.  More bedrooms more rent, it’s that simple.  We talked about the scope of work and I ask him to let me give him a bid on painting the exterior, doing some cabinet work, etc.  We talked about how he needed the job done by the first of August, I said I could do it, we finished at the end of the first week of August…which was not entirely my fault.

Here is the Exterior Work:


Husky Office Space

My multi-month office project is now complete!  This space was built in a ~10,000sq/ft warehouse to be the office for the local HVAC company.  The owner framed it out, planning to do all the work himself. He ran out of time and hired me to take it from studs to a finished 900sq/ft office space.  I did a little bit of everything.  I did all the insulation, drywall, drywall finishing, painting, doors, and trim.

The owner and I laid a lot of the tile together.  I didn’t have much experience doing the tile, neither did he, and we couldn’t find a local tile guy.  We did about 2/3 of the office space, then decided tile wasn’t for us.  He was able to find a guy locally who was willing to work on trade for some HVAC work on his house.  Win-Win-Win


Painting the Jennings’ House (Exterior)

My first major job since going into business full time for myself was painting the Jennings’ house.  Their home is in good shape overall but was in need of a face-lift.  They have metal siding and a metal carport that the paint had pealed off and rust was starting to form.  There was also a little bit of rot on the back porch I repaired.

After a good pressure washing I started masking everything off for spraying.  I’ve been wanting an airless sprayer for a while and this job provided me the opportunity to get one.  I don’t have the money for a true professional grade sprayer so I went with the Wagner Power Painter Pro it is a cup style so it’s great for small jobs and it included a 2 gallon backpack for extended use.  I can also purchase an extended hose for spraying from a 5 gallon bucket.  I gets heavy after a few hours of spraying.  We used bright white Rustoleum oil based paint.

I also replaced the back door.  Next up we’re repairing some drywall and painting inside.

2013 Bathroom Remodel

During Thanksgiving week 2013 My wife, In-laws, brother-in-law, and I remodeled the bathroom in our little house.  It was in desperate need of help both in appearance and function.  Not only was it a ugly pink, uncoordinated mess but it was deteriorating.

A full gut job was in order.  By the time we were done the only things left unchanged were the cast iron tub and the toilet which has been replaced a few years before we moved in (it still had the label).

Like any remodel of a 60 year old house there were a few surprises, but thankfully no structural issues.  I’ll walk you through with pictures.


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