Robert Dailey WoodworksMy name is Robert and I’m a craftsman-woodworker, or at least I’m trying to be.

My passion for woodworking came from a summer job in High School.  One of my father’s best friends owns a construction and remodeling company. You see, in my family you worked, so as I was looking forward to sleeping in all summer my dad came in and told me that I started work next week and had to be there at 7:00AM.  I knew how to use basic power tools from what my dad and grandfather taught me but I was far from proficient.  My “position” at Cryer Construction was officially as a “gopher”.  I’d spend all day going for a hammer, going for a board, going for more nails, etc. Like I said a “go-for.”  I learned a lot those two summers, and started to love carpentry and woodworking in general.  

After two summers of construction and remodeling, I had learned a great skill set.  I’ve always loved working with my hands and building things.  I had A LOT of Legos growing up and loved to make my own designs.  During College I really didn’t do much carpentry, aside from the occasional mission project.  After I graduated, my wife and I moved near her parents where my father-in-law had a nicely equipped workshop.  It started as a way to burn off stress after work, and then grew into a hobby I loved.  I built a 20x10ft Storage Building on their property, and helped them do some remodeling.  Then I started doing some projects on my own.

Once I got back into carpentry and woodworking I remembered how much I enjoy it.  Working on many different and challenging projects.  Seeing the work you’ve accomplished at the end of every day, and being proud of a job well done.  Woodworking became my passion and a side business to make extra money.

In 2012 my wife and I moved to West Texas where I served as the Youth Minister of a local church.  I began refinishing furniture and gun stocks in my spare time, and became the resident handyman to many church members as a way to supplement our income.  It was during this time I started my Youtube Channel.  Toward the end of 2015 I went into business full time as a residential carpenter and handyman.





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  1. You must be my twin…lol. I had a successful career in automotive repair. Got called into ministry, now serving as the children’s minister at a church in Indiana. I own a small handyman service on the side and love woodworking. Keep up the videos, love seeing what you are doing.

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