My Sander Died

Well… I was working on a “Baby Growth Chart” and my Ryobi Random Orbit sander gave up the ghost.  I’d noticed that it has been acting weird the last few times I’ve used it.  Now it has become very out of balance and is just a pain.  I took it apart a while back to tighten up everything but this was different.  After some severe gouges and removing a lot more material than needed it’s headed to the garage sale pile.

I got this little Ryobi about 3 years ago for $40.  Since I’ve used it on every single project and it’s my most used tool I’m not mad about it burning up.   I am disappointed that I’m now forced to spend money on a new sander.  I got a DEWALT 3 Amp 5-Inch Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander.  It’s over $80, twice as much as the Ryobi.

I honestly didn’t do a ton of research.  I picked the Dewalt mainly because of the name and variable speed.  I looked at the a Bosch that had a really fancy dust filter, but the Dewalt has a built in adapter for my Shop-Vac.  I haven’t received the sander yet so no review.

I have a “Business Emergency Fund” that I’ve been building up for this very situation.  I’ve been building it up with the intent of doing major upgrades to my tools if and when then need to be replaced.  I wish I could have gone with the Festool… maybe next time.

I’ve started a new blog about the “Business Side” of Woodworking, where I go more in-depth about why you need to have an emergency fund if you woodwork as a business.

I hope to have a review video up some time this month.

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