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Bosch TS2000 Gravity Rise Stand Unboxing, Set-up, and Review.

Using part of my Tax refund I bought the Bosch TS2000 Gravity-Rise Wheeled Table Saw Stand for my Jobsite Table saw.  In this article I’ll cover unboxing, mounting my table saw, and first impressions.  Be sure to check out the Youtube video also.

My table saw is a Craftsman Professional Jobsite saw.  It’s a great saw that I have really enjoyed using.  It has plenty of power, a 24″ rip capacity, a great fence, and stays accurate.  You can’t really ask for more in a jobsite class table saw.  It has one big shortcoming, however, it did not come with a stand.  This saw has built in wheels and an handle that make moving it around easy enough but you have to have some type of base on the jobsite or in your shop.  I believe this is why the saw was phased out, people would rather have a built in stand.  I’ve looked at a lot of Craftsman Saws and this one is one of the most solid.  I’m glad I came across it when I did (display model on clearance (CHEAP)).

Since I use mine primarily at home I built a permanent outdoor table saw stand using a free pallet crate and Hardie (Concrete board) Siding.  I simply roll my saw out to the stand, lift it up, plug it in and I’m ready to cut.  It take 3 minutes.  So I guess I really didn’t NEED a stand.  But now that I built a Paulk Total Station (PTS) I want to be able to quickly use it with my saw.  I could build a special base to use the poles that are supposed to be built in, but then I wouldn’t be able to roll it around.  So I decided to buy a stand, adjust the (PTS) to line up with it, and remake my outdoor outfeed table to work with the stand.

If your table saw did not come with a stand you have two very good choices.  The DEWALT DW7440RS Rolling Saw Stand and the Bosch TS2000 Gravity-Rise Wheeled Table Saw Stand.   The Ridgid table saw stand looks good too, but it is availible only with Ridgid’s Jobsite Table saw.  I don’t need a new saw but the new DEWALT Jobsite Table Saw with 32-1/2-Inch Rip Capacity would be it if I did.

Between these two stands, the Bosch and the DeWalt, I have gone back and forth.  The DeWalt takes a little longer to set up, but gives you a very stable work area thanks to the splayed legs.  The Bosch is quicker to set up and easier to move if you need to.  It also takes up less space (when set up).  So after much research and debate I decided to go with the Bosch even though I’m trading a little bit of stability for speed.  I will also be using an outfeed table to handle large pieces.  [I have not had hands on experience with either stand before purchase, just internet research].

I also really liked the looks of the Ridgid table saw stand, but it’s only available with Ridgid’s Jobsite Saw.  

Arrival, Unboxing, and Assembly.

I ordered from Amazon using my Prime account so I got the stand in just two days.  A nice man from Fedex left it on my front porch.  Inside the box everything was held in place buy foam inserts.  All the pieces were in plastic to prevent scratching.   The stand comes completely disassembled, and the instructions were a little lacking.  Also the instructions stated that I would need a 10mm and 16mm wrench but in reality I needed a 13mm and 17mm.  And all the measurements were in communist not ‘Merican!

Once I got my bearings and figured out the instructions the stand went together pretty easily.  It is obviously well designed and feels very solid.

It took me a few seconds to figure out how to raise/lower the stand but once you get it it is crazy easy to raise/lower the stand.   The latch is very positive and when it’s in the right place it snaps into the locked position.  There’s no fiddling with a latch it just works.

Mounting the Saw to the Stand

The Bosch Stand (and the DeWalt) has a universal mounting plate that should work with most saws.  Some reviews state that they had to drill a hole or two to get it set up.  I ended up drilling the holes to mount my saw.  It is not a big deal at all.  I positioned the saw where I wanted it, used a punch to mark the holes, removed the saw, and drilled it out.  Because of the way my saw is set up I was only able to get three of the feet bolted down.  Only two bolts were included with the stand for this.  I had some bolts laying around that I used.  I did have to shorten them because when I folded it up the long bolt hit a stop block built into the stand.  Once shortened everything worked flawlessly.

You could also mount a piece of 1/2″ ply to the stand and then mount your saw to that if you needed to.  

The stand rolls well but is a tight fit in the 32″ door separating my storeroom from my shop.  With my saw mounted to the stand the total height is just above 38″.   The saw is very stable and at the same time very easy to reposition.  I checked everything for level and it was perfect without needing to adjust the feet on the stand.

Bosch Table Saw Stand

Final Thoughts

I’m very happy.  The Bosch Table saw stand is a quality rock solid product.  Everything about it says “Well Built.”  It folds and sets up easily.  It manages the weight of the saw in transport great.  I really have no complaints other than the directions could use some improvement.

All together I’m sure that my saw&stand combo weights over 100lbs.  However it was very easy to load and unload from my truck.  Its easier on my back than picking up the saw by itself and setting in the bed.  I lowered my tailgate, rolled the saw up to it (turning it around so the saw faced out), leaned it back so the handle was on the tailgate and lifted it from the other end.  Unloading was a reverse of this process, very simple and easy.  Bosch designed it this way and I’m sure my 4’11” wife could do it no problem.   (See the Video below for how to load and unload it)

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I am going to have to adjust my Paulk Total Station to work with the saw.  It stands at 35 3/4″ inches and the Table Saw with stand is at 38″.  I’m going to add some blocks to the sawhorses to get it to be the right height to act as an outfeed table.

The design and build quality of this stand leaves nothing to be desired. I like this guy so much I’m considering getting the miter saw stand.    But I haven’t made up my mind yet.  I also don’t have the money right now, maybe Christmas.

Share your thoughts and experience

If you have used this or other table saw stands leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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